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Solucionario De Fundamentos Ingenieria Geotecnica Braja (Final 2022)




Our cases, in which injury was limited to the anterior chamber, all involved acute trauma with subsequent marked oedema and/or hemorrhage. In our case, the clinical presentation was atypical as there was no trauma to the eye. Only a vague history of some kind of foreign body was elicited. It was likely that the patient did not have any history of trauma because her eye symptoms were not obvious at first and she was not yet aware of their presence. As a result of the misdiagnosis, the wound remained open and our patient had to undergo a pneumatic ciliochoroidal dissection and a subretinal neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG) laser photocoagulation procedure to control the acute intraocular inflammation. The anterior chamber was completely filled with blood and pus at the time of the first operation. The initial diagnosis of SJS was not convincing, because we did not expect to find a closed conjunctival wound with pus exudation. There was no history of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and a systematic medical examination of her other organs failed to show any other symptoms. Only careful evaluation of the patient's history, including the findings of the eye, allowed us to reach the correct diagnosis. The characteristic findings of GS are erythema, papular eruptions, and necrosis in the mucosal membranes. They are mainly observed in the oral cavity, which is an important site for the disease. Laryngeal manifestations, such as laryngomalacia, laryngeal sclerosis, and chronic laryngitis, are also a relatively common manifestation of GS.^[@R10]^ Most of the reported cases of GS involving the eye have been reported as SJS. In our patient, no features were observed in the oral mucosa, larynx, or skin. We did not perform a skin biopsy to exclude SJS, but the clinical presentation was not typical for this disease. Moreover, given the circumstances of the case, we considered it safer to perform a biopsy to exclude SJS. We are aware of the potential hazards of surgical biopsy. Nonetheless, the small biopsy specimen was adequate for the confirmation of the final diagnosis. GS may be easily misdiagnosed. Because of the rarity of the condition, any conjunctival lesion that is not caused by a previous ocular surgery or trauma may be difficult to interpret. The




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Solucionario De Fundamentos Ingenieria Geotecnica Braja (Final 2022)

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